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Rare Gauri Shankar Ganesh Rudraksha Bead
Rare Gauri Shankar Ganesh Rudraksha

   Rare Gauri Shankar Ganesh Rudraksha Bead:   
   This bead is a very rare phenomenon of the nature. The bead being very large sized ( 45 mm ) Gauri Shankar has also a beautiful trunk of Ganesh  coming out from the centre of the bead representing Lord Shiva, Goddess Gauri and in between on their lap Lord Ganesha sitting. Ganesh bears a Trunk like elevation as is seen on the face of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. This form of Rudraksha is extremely rare and well saught after. Two naturally joined Rudraksha called Gauri Shankar is regarded as the form of Shiva and Parvati and inbetween the trunk of Ganesha makes the bead very attractive and beautiful. It is so much full of influence that it causes the development and expansion of universe due to its being the unified and identified form of the Lord Shiva, the Goddess Uma and Ganesha. The Gauri Shankar form becomes the cause of expansion of the universe providing fertility. It makes the husband and wife identify each other along with their child. Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the family. With this bead presence of Ganesh will remove hurdles from the life of the devotees. Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of success and overcoming obstacles, is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence, and power. He gives 'Riddhi-Siddhi'. He is the first to be worshipped in the beginning of any auspicious occasion. Ganesh Rudraksha provides the wearer perfection in every sphere in life and the grace of Lord Ganesha is received by him. So overall this bear will have the good effects of Gauri Shankan and Ganesha as well. Since all three Gauri Shankar and Ganesha are present in the same bead, the bead is extremely rare, very effective and immensely powerful.

Om Gaurishankaraya Namah
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Gam Ganpatayay Namoh Namah
Om Ganeshaya Namah
Om Hum Namah

 Rare Trijuti Rudraksha
   The Tears of Lord Shiva when fell on the Earth gave rise to a Tree called Rudraksha Tree and the nut inside the fruit of the Rudraksha fruit is the actual Rudraksha. These Beads of Power were worn by the Yogis of India and the Himalayas for thousands of years to maintain health and to gain self empowerment and fearless life on their path to Enlightenment and Liberation. The Rudraksh Beads are a rare Gift from God and are a Natural Birth Right of the Mankind. The Holy Rudraksha Beads are based in the Absolute Field of Consciousness and they manifest in the Relative Field for the good of all concerned to help relieve sin and suffering and pain. The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are by virtue of its Electrical and Magnetic Properties, the Rudraksh beads act as a Stabilizing Anchor.

Real 100% Genuine Trijuti Rudraksha Bead

   Three naturally joined Rudrakshas are a rare phenomenon of the nature and such a bead is called "Tribhagi" or "Trijuti". This bead is also known as "Gauri Paath" and represents "Brahma Vishnu Mahesh" (The Trinity of God). In the Trijuti Rudraksha three beads individually represents " Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh". It is very powerful to give universal appeal and empowers the wearer for great achievements, confidence and makes the wearer invincible. This bead blesses the devotee with tremendous Charisma, attraction and removes all hurdles to facilitate the path of success and contentment  to
the decvotee. Since the bead is incarnated as "Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh", it is considered as the ultimate and most auspicious bead that a devotee can wear. The Trijuti shown in the picture will be sent. The bead is very riped, heavy and made in gold to avoid any damage to the bead. The bead is dark maroon coloured and extremely beautiful and attractive. The power of the bead can be well guaged by the fact that after wearing this Trijuti, the aura of the wearer has gone to the very higher level. This proves that very high energy levels are stored in this bead.
Rare Trijuti Rudraksha
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